Order Techniques with Project Serum

  Order Techniques with Project Serum     I've started noticing different Order placement/cancellation patterns on Serum, than what normally occurs through the user interface (serum-dex-ui). Normal post-only limit order (serum-dex-ui) ( Left : serum-dex-ui, Right : market maker) The left order from serum-dex-ui contains pre-and-post Match Orders instructions, which are no longer needed. This is likely maintained for backwards compatibility. Then as expected there is the New Order V3 instruction to place the limit order. Let's compare this to the  market maker  on the right. NewOrderV3 ConsumeEvents  with the trader's open orders account included Settle Funds  from the open orders wallet for the market. Both  instructions are for a post-only limit order. Yet this market maker is calling Consume Events , which processes the Event Queue , and Settle Funds , which clears out any unsettled balances and useful for smoother trading. Order cancellation ( Left: serum-dex-ui, Right

Vanity Addresses in Solana

Background: "Vanity addresses" are Solana public keys ("addresses") where you can specify a "prefix" to the start of your address. Address with a "skynet" prefix. You'll need a powerful computer/VM as the process of discovering a vanity address is computationally intensive. This example will be done using an Ubuntu 20.04 droplet created on DigitalOcean. The more characters in the prefix, the longer it will take to discover a desired private key. In my testing, it took ~2 hours on a very strong VM to discover a 6-character long prefix. 7 character prefixes or higher will require much more time. Overview Linux setup, Solana SDK installation Grind for vanity address Import into Sollet Extra: Full solana-keygen documentation 1. Linux setup This example uses an Ubuntu 20.04 VM created on DigitalOcean, with 64GB of RAM, and 32 CPUs. This is the most CPU intensive Droplet that DigitalOcean offers. We choose the most expensive Droplet, as we will be